Twitter Spotlight: Carol Blymire

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Twitter Spotlight: @CarolBlymire s/o to @IMPaulWilliams @fuggirls @timcarman & @catherinegelera

I am so impressed by entrepreneurs. The courage it must take to strike out on one’s own!

Carol Blymire is one of these brave souls. She has her own business.

Carol Blymire

But thanks to Twitter I also know that she was in a Rush cover band, practices Transcendental Meditation and has a super-cute dog, Dexter.

I have so much work to do today, but Dexter requires some cozy time first. #nap #doomed pic.twitter.c…

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Guest post: Going Home

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Guest post: Going Home by @CandaceArm

You guys really liked my friend Candace’s recent guest post. Fortunately, she has volunteered another, this time about what it means to go home.

The more you like and comment on this post, the more likely Candace will post more. Hint, hint.

*   *   *

My parents moved from my hometown of Alpharetta, GA when I graduated from high school. That meant that when I went to visit them, I wasn’t going…

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This new thing I’ve been doing

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This new thing I’ve been doing

Twenty-five pairs of eyes stare back at me.

A young man in front asks question after question, all of which sound less like questions and more like statements meant to make him seem smarter than the instructor.

The instructor who is me.

I have taken on a new project recently teaching a class at a local university. For obvious reasons, I can’t share too many details. But I wanted to let you know…

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Today’s chuckle

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Today’s chuckle

Given that my name is Jennifer, I haven’t had too many experiences with Starbucks baristas spelling it wrong. Well, beyond the occasional “Jeniffer.”

This video imagines a more nefarious motivation behind the misspellings (to hilarious effect).

Note: some NSFW language.


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Twitter Spotlight: Captain Lee of Down Under

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Twitter Spotlight: @CaptHLR of #DownUnder s/o to @Kate_Chastain @BravoTV & @Andy

First, let me get the bad news out of the way: Captain Lee is spoken for. As in married.

The enigmatic silver fox is pretty dreamy so I wasn’t all that surprised. Who doesn’t love the strong, silent type!


I became a fan of Bravo’s Down Underat the gym. Marathons of Season 1 made my time on the treadmill and eliptical go by much faster. I wasn’t aware of yachtie culture and quickly got…

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Treat yo self continues

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Treat yo self continues thanks to @JossandMain & @toryburch

Maybe it’s the medicine I’m on since my head injury.

(I googled it after the fact and learned the pill is an old school, tricyclic antidepressant. No wonder I’m so happy!)

This was just the beginning.

Subsequently I bought a desk for my bedroom on Joss & Main. The white version may be sold out, but the espresso desk was still in stock last time I looked.


I also decided I needed this bag for…

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'Cause I'm a blonde

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‘Cause I’m a blonde

Yep, yet another post about my hair. I think about my hair a lot.

I went to my charming stylist Thomas’s apartment on the Lower East Side for highlights and a trim. He made my hair a little blonder than I expected, but I think I like it.


It looks much lighter in person, I think. And I’ll use undereye concealer in the future.

T and…

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Heck yeah, I ate that

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Heck yeah, I ate that. @RootnBoneNYC

My astute friend Liz suggested that we try Root & Bone, the new restaurant Eater had recently proclaimed to have the best fried chicken in NYC. I didn’t need to be persuaded.

The East Village space is tiny and quirky, as is typical for Alphabet City. The restaurant offers two small bars, reserving both for diners not drinkers. Although drinking is suggested too.

We started with drinks (good ones,…

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Twitter Spotlight: Samy K

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Twitter Spotlight: @samysdong #STM s/o to @heyfrase, @JonahFalcon & @ItsBennyBlanco

When I listened to the Kane Show on Hot 99.5 during the years I lived in DC, I never thought I would have the chance to feature The one-and-only Samy in the Twitter Spotlight.

But then I connected with Sarah Fraser and fell in friend-love with her while she lived in the NYC area. Sarah has since moved back to DC where she has returned to the radio via 107.3 FM’s Sarah, Ty and Mel Show. And guess…

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So you’re having a baby - a guest post by @CandaceArm

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So you’re having a baby – a guest post by @CandaceArm

Remember my awesome friend Candace? Previously she wrote about applying to graduate school (and I wrote about her visit to NYC here).

So you’re having a baby!


Mazel tov on your growing family. I am so excited for you and can’t wait to tell that baby about all the horrific things you did in your youth (because I will). (more…)

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Required reading

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Required reading from @Marquel Martin, @jigolden & more #bachelorinparadise

Marquel Martin on not being the next Bachelor (via his blog). You know I think Marquel is great. It’s ABC’s loss.

On a much more serious note: Say hello to the men who hate the NSA but love invading the privacy of women (via Verge)

This can’t be legal (via Curbed)

Coffee naps are better than coffee or naps alone (via Vox)

The struggles of having an outgoing personality but actually being…

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Treat yo self weekend

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Treat yo self weekend s/o to @DeliNYC & @Bloomingdales

My Friday started with an MRI.


(You’re probably wondering “how does that qualify as a treat?” Just trust me.)

After I got my head examined, I had to run some other personal errands so I took the day off. It was a beautiful day in NYC – very unlike our typical Augusts – and I was feeling better than I have most days since the concussion.

Last Friday was also payday. It felt like a perfect Treat…

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How could they do this to me??

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A place called Aroma did a really mean thing to me.

“What did they do to dear One Chicklette?!” you’re probably asking yourself, feeling outraged. I appreciate that, you know.

This is what Aroma did: They stopped offering MY FAVORITE SALAD! How horrible of them, right?



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With humor, from Kenya

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With humor, from Kenya

During our last day in Kenya, we visited our host Mercy’s sister Rose’s home in Nairobi. Rose organized a lovely luncheon for our gang and invited some of her friends to join so we could get acquainted with some non-Maasai Kenyans.

While I was at Rose’s house, I transferred some items between my backpack and my suitcase, apparently losing a precious shopping bag full of jewelry bought at Kazu…

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Something to think about

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Something to think about. With thanks to @SocialQPhilip & @SHO_Masters

Happy Friday, friends.

As you head off to start your weekend, consider these words:


I read the words “you are not your worst thing” in a recent New York Times Social Qs answer by Philip Galanes – in which he paraphrased the terrific show, Masters of Sex - and I thought that was a lovely sentiment to keep in mind.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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