This gluten-free thing…

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This gluten-free thing…

I woke up, filled with dread. This day had loomed in my mind like a dark cloud on a distant horizon.

I rolled out of bed and left my apartment, still wearing the clothes in which I slept. Turning the corner, I walked into Swallow Cafe and evaluated the pastry selection.

Where were the weird gluten-free pastries I had seen just last week — and turned up my nose at? Not at Swallow, apparently.


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The perfect gift for the college student in your life

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The perfect gift for the college student in your life

And by “perfect,” I mean “most horrifying.”

Behold! Red Solo cup bed lifts.

Red solo cup

For real. Bed Bath & Beyond proudly highlights that they have the exclusive on these bad boys.

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Things that are hard to explain to a Kenyan teenager

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Things that are hard to explain to a Kenyan teenager

You may have read this list elsewhere. However, this is an edited version with new! exciting! items. OK?

Some things are hard to explain to Kenyan teenagers.

  • Skyscrapers
  • The subway
  • A dog as a pet versus one who herds cows, goats and sheep
  • A dog wearing a coat made for a dog

dog in a coat

  • Snow (which is how I ended up showing them the picture above in the first place)
  • Why I have pictures of food in my phone
  • Be…

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It’s good to be home

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It’s good to be home s/o to @brokenanchor1 and @brooklynbowl

Although to be honest, I keep thinking about Kenya. It made a big impression on me.

But my weekend in NYC was fun. On Friday, I took a Pure Torture Barre class and later, had dinner with visiting friends.

On Saturday, I grabbed cocktails with other friends at Cafe Colette.

Cafe Colette

Delicious French fries too.

Cafe Colette

There are lots of exciting things happening in NYC this week including this and this.

How was…

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What’s new with you, @JunDishes?

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While it hasn’t been too long since I featured @JunDishes in the Twitter Spotlight, she has been doing so much, particularly with her new venture Rice House that I was eager to bring you up to date.

From Jun, three new things:

1 – I opened the very first Korean restaurant, a takeaway joint, in Flanders: Rice House.

Aside from finances, Rice Houseis helping me share some of the Korean culture…

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Airport shopping in Dubai

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Hi friends! I have missed you.
I’m in Dubai on my way from a wonderful time in Kenya.

Don’t worry: I didn’t buy any of these.


I also considered buying a hookah just to see my friends’ reaction as I boarded the plane. But cooler heads prevailed.


I also didn’t buy any Arabic lady fiction (because I will be asleep all the way to NYC).


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Discount store Lazarus

While I was shopping around Brooklyn for my buddy’s gift, I found this. I’m no expert…

Discount store Lazarus

While I was shopping around Brooklyn for my buddy’s gift, I found this. I’m no expert…

Scranton venue declines same-sex wedding

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Scranton venue declines same-sex wedding

I was revolted to hear the news that the Inne at the Abingtons refused to book a same-sex couple’s wedding.


Via the Scranton Times-Tribune

Via my hometown newspaper, the Scranton Times-Tribune:

Venue refused to serve gays; sets off social media firestorm BY DAVID FALCHEK

NORTH ABINGTON TWP. — When Pennsylvania’s gay marriage ban was ruled unconstitutional by a federal court, Desiree Mark…

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Google Maps told me the walk would be 0.9 miles. The humidity was rising, but a mile isn’t so far.

Plus I had just eaten a chocolate muffin from St. Balmain, justifying the indulgence by noting that there would be zero chocolate muffins in Kenya.

Once I passed the McCarren Park pool, the walk started sucking. The part of Greenpoint I found myself in would be best described as Not Cute. Homely,…

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Pre-trip confession

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As you read this, I’m on a flight to Kenya. Crazy, right?

Instead of scrambling to schedule lots of blog posts, I ran last minute errands and…got a mani-pedi.


So sue me.

There are a few posts in the queue, but it will be a little quiet around here July 23 or so. Hopefully absence will make your heart grow fonder.

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Spelling izz overrated

Spotted at my neighborhood bodega. (I bought the ‘arrugula’ and brie)

Spelling izz overrated

Spotted at my neighborhood bodega. (I bought the ‘arrugula’ and brie)

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Late night TV

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Late night TV (or how I accidentally started the How Babies Are Made conversation)

Staying up past my ‘bedtime’ has been a way of life, all of my life. As much as I love sleep, I happen to like having my sleep start late.

I couldn’t tell you if nature or nature made me a night owl. My father in particular, loves to stay up late and when I’m in Rehoboth with my family or back home in Scranton, I am shocked if I find my father has gone to sleep before me.

Even in my earliest…

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I blame Eliza for inspiring me to get on Tinder (not really). But it’s my own fault for sticking with it. I find the app so thoroughly entertaining.

OK, most of the time I don’t mean entertaining but horrifying (NSFW), but you get the idea.


Sometimes I’ll be out with friends and one – or all of us – will whip out Tinder to check out the merchandise. Often we end up dissolving into laughter over a guy like this or this. Watch out if you have Tinder open when @Full_Of_Moxie is around because she will make it her job to LIKE a guy you definitely don’t like.

I’ll get you back, friend. Watch out.

Once in a while, an attractive guy who knows how to use spellcheck actually appears. Let’s call this one Andrew because that was, in fact, his name.

I was out with a girlfriend. Andrew and I swapped some messages before he suggested we switch to actual texts. Given that I was a few cocktails in, I said yes.

It wasn’t a love connection to say the least.

It was like something you’d see on Straight White Boys Texting,

If you comb through my Tumblr Why Did You Put That On Tinder, you’ll see things could have been much, much worse. I guess.

Lads, just try to use a bit of charm. Trust me: things will turn out better for you.

For as many guys I have matched and chatted with, I have not yet made myself go through with meeting any of them. At this point, Tinder is for entertainment purposes only.

Why did you put that on Tinder? Why are you even on Tinder?! I blame Eliza for inspiring me to get on Tinder (not really). But it’s my own fault for sticking with it.

What We Ate (and Drank): Rehoboth Beach 2014

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What We Ate (and Drank): Rehoboth Beach 2014 s/o to @VagabondGirl @hodakotb @SaltAirRehoboth

If you have been reading my posts for a while now, you know I look forward to my annual Rehoboth Beach trips with family and friends. We’re super lazy. A shopping trip to the outlets is about as much energy as we ever expend. And we like it that way.


Frankly I’m saving the learning and cultural exploration for Kenya. My adventure starts this Friday!

This year, I had some great food and drink in

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Camp No

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Now that Facebook friends have finally moved on from “graduation” photos from pre-K, kindergarten, third grade, eighth grade and pretty much any other end-of-school milestone one could dream up, it’s camp time.

I never knew that people sent their kids away for a month or two (or more) each summer until I got to Cornell. There I met peers who had begun going to sleepaway camp as young as eight…

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