How could they do this to me??

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A place called Aroma did a really mean thing to me.

“What did they do to dear One Chicklette?!” you’re probably asking yourself, feeling outraged. I appreciate that, you know.

This is what Aroma did: They stopped offering MY FAVORITE SALAD! How horrible of them, right?



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With humor, from Kenya

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With humor, from Kenya

During our last day in Kenya, we visited our host Mercy’s sister Rose’s home in Nairobi. Rose organized a lovely luncheon for our gang and invited some of her friends to join so we could get acquainted with some non-Maasai Kenyans.

While I was at Rose’s house, I transferred some items between my backpack and my suitcase, apparently losing a precious shopping bag full of jewelry bought at Kazu…

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Something to think about

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Something to think about. With thanks to @SocialQPhilip & @SHO_Masters

Happy Friday, friends.

As you head off to start your weekend, consider these words:


I read the words “you are not your worst thing” in a recent New York Times Social Qs answer by Philip Galanes – in which he paraphrased the terrific show, Masters of Sex - and I thought that was a lovely sentiment to keep in mind.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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Currently reading

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Currently reading h/t to @rgay @tavitulle @samaraspeaks @rawrstories & @nycscout


Have those of you who live in NYC ever wondered about the giant, graffiti-covered building 190 Bowery? It’s a homeClick here.

I hope these two get to marry in North Carolina – via TPM

“You’re in love with that cat!” my then-girlfriend Margot once accused me. To be fair, she was a very attractive cat.

A Man and His Cat by Tim Kreider– so evocative and sweet. I’m a sucker for a

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Now I will watch the Emmys

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Now I will watch the #Emmys on @NBC h/t @officialjld @bryancranston & @aaronpaul_8

I was recently blathering on about how much I adore Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Her Instagrams are terrific.

And then she did this

…with my crush Aaron Paul and the superb Bryan Cranston.

Yeah, I’ll tune in. Job well done, folks.

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There’s a beach in Williamsburg?

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There’s a beach in Williamsburg?

One of the things I love most about life in NYC is the sense that I can never completely know it. There will always be secrets to uncover. Something new replacing something old. Mysteries just down the block.

Photo property of

Photo property of

And here’s one: a beach of sorts right in my neighborhood.

OK, so it’s not South Beach, or…

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They call me Calamity Jane

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My parents, that is. More for the way it sounds, I guess, versus the actual person.

*   *   *

I have thought, recently, that my life is pretty great, although it would be great if I could stay out of my own way. Broken bones and other minor catastrophes have been interruptions of really happy times.

And then I did it again: last Tuesday, I hit the back of my head on a shelf. I have surely hit my…

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Upcoming film: Camp X-Ray

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Movie I need to see: Camp X-Ray Movie


As a big Kristen Stewart fan, I am excited to check out Camp X-Ray.

Kristen plays a soldier stationed at Guantanamo Bay who develops a relationship with a detainee played by Peyman Maadi.

Will you see it?

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More about Kenya: how we spent our days

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More about Kenya: how we spent our days

Apparently you want to hear more about Kenya. How cool!

This post will help put part of our activities into perspective.

Friday, July 11 – Saturday, July 12

Fly from JFK to Dubai (approximately twelve hours) via Emirates. Most of us thought the long flight was painless, I think. It helped that the flight wasn’t full. Julie and I had an empty middle seat between us.

I read, watched three movies,…

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Did you have a good weekend?

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Did you have a good weekend?

The best word for describing my weekend:



I had pancakes at brunch at Freemans with Adrienne. Dinner of chicken parm and pasta from Max. Pancakes again at brunch at Spring Natural Kitchen with my Kenya trip friend Caroline.

Spring Natural Kitchen

By the time I woke up Sunday morning, I had gained two of the pounds I lost during the gluten-free experiment.

My honest reaction after eight days of feeling sad about…

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I am hungry ALL THE TIME

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I am hungry ALL THE TIME (but grateful for @NoosaYoghurt & @KindSnacks)

Yesterday was Day 7 of my medically-suggested gluten-free month.

In short, I am hungry all the time. You should buy me this shirt right now.



I am also cranky. My joints feel somewhat better, but I otherwise do not feel any different. Except hungry.

Breakfast is still The Worst. When I walk into Starbucks, my mouth waters for the pastries I cannot order.

Without Kind Honey & Oat…

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Scenes from Brooklyn Flea

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Scenes from @BKFlea

I didn’t buy this shirt.Kenny

I did buy this ring. (more…)

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Are you sick of hearing about Kenya?

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Are you sick of hearing about Kenya?

Diana and friends

Serious question: are you sick of hearing about my trip to Kenya? I ask because I have a lot more stories I can share, if you’re into it.

Take Our Poll

I won’t be mad if you say “yeah, enough.” Actually, I won’t know if you said yes because it’s an anonymous poll

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Stuff I’m reading

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Stuff I’m reading s/o to @lapinski @julesdwit @JennyKutner @Salon & @NYMag

This interview with Jack Antonoff made me feel guilty about not liking fun. (the band, not the general activity)

Rights belong to the publisher and author

This book. I liked it at first but now, it’s slowly killing me. I might hate it (but not as much as this book).

This interview with Susan Sarandon. Just when I thought I couldn’t love her more. Such candor!

These tweets about life in NYC.


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Andi and Josh in @PeopleMag #thebachelorette #bachelorinparadise

Did you see this? I reiterate: “Cooking, cleaning, she does it all!”

Andi and Josh in @PeopleMag #thebachelorette #bachelorinparadise

Did you see this? I reiterate: “Cooking, cleaning, she does it all!”

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